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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bang & Olufsen

BeoCenter 6
Your versatile source of TV and musicThe widescreen BeoCenter 6-26 LCD television is custom-fitted to match your needs. For example, you could have built-in FM and DAB radio in your BeoCenter 6 placed in your kitchen and Surround Sound and DVB-S modules if you have a BeoCenter 6 you use for watching TV in a small living room or a bedroom. Or you could mix and match. Your ‘second television room’ just became the place to be. The integration of picture and sound in the compact cabinet creates a simple and elegant plug-and-play television concept

True Bang & Olufsen picture and sound The BeoCenter 6 uses the best LCD screen available, and has been further improved with Bang & Olufsen VisionClear picture technologies, which are implemented in all TV solutions from Bang & Olufsen. Whenever BeoCenter 6 is switched on, VisionClear adjusts the image automatically in relation to light conditions in the room. Within seconds, the TV automatically adjusts contrast levels, brilliance and colour to match the light conditions at any given time. BeoCenter 6-23 utilises a compact one-way loudspeaker system, and BeoCenter 6-26 a two-way system, slightly more powerful to match the larger screen size and longer viewing and listening distances. The digital surround sound module available for BeoCenter 6-26 provides a digital surround sound experience in any setup with BeoLab loudspeakers. The television's loudspeakers will in this setup function as a powerful centre speaker.

BeoVision 7

Cinematic experiencesWatching movies should be an event – get the family together, dim the lights, turn the screen with your Beo5 or Beo4 remote control, and enjoy the theatre-like surround sound from your BeoLab speakers. BeoVision 7 is a complete entertainment system specially created to give you a sound and picture experience that will exceed your expectations. With the choice of 32 or 40 inch LCD screen, a built-in DVD player and advanced surround sound module, it can be the centrepiece of home entertainment. Yet for all its capabilities, it is still a discreet and beautiful Bang & Olufsen TV. You will not feel like you live in a Cineplex until a single press of a button makes BeoVision 7 spring to life and turn towards the best seats in the house – yours

Automatically brilliantLike the perfect waiter, BeoVision 7 keeps a close eye on its surroundings at all times. If you draw a curtain or switch on a light, it will adjust the image to suit. The intelligent circuits will even take into account the difference in colour temperature between cool morning light and the warmth of a sunset. The resulting superb picture quality of BeoVision 7 is made possible by a combination of top-of-the-range LCD technology and Bang & Olufsen’s unique image processing technologies.The raw power of BeoSystem 3 in the 40-inch version allows for such unique features as frame-by-frame dynamic contrast and source recognition and adaptation. Anything you throw at it – from DVD movies to analogue television – just looks better and more natural. We call it VisionClear.

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