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Thursday, May 28, 2009

That's Why They Call It Art (Andy Warhol)

Do you want me to tell you about Andy?

Oh, go ahead.

Anything Andy does is fantastic because he's a saint.

A saint?


St. Andy the First.

He really loves people, so anything he does is beautiful because he sees the best in everybody.

Mmm hmm.

He sees God wherever he looks, and in whoever he looks at. So that's why they call it art, because he's just very good, you know, he's very pure so they call it art, that's what they call art, and some things...just done, um, with a touch of divinity.




Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Backstage with Kanye West at Louis Vuitton

Knotoryus offers us a behind-the-scenes look into Kanye West’s collaboration alongside Louis Vuitton. The self proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don gets down with LV designer Fabrizio Vitti on variety of design sketches. The highly publicized footwear lineup is due to release in the latter part of 2009.

fly kick of the week: Greedy Genius ocean runner 2

Receiving rave reviews upon the unveiling of their Ocean Runner last month, Greedy Genius unmask two further colorways from their upcoming footwear lineup. Keeping in tune with the recent Nubuck theme, Greedy work up a tonal black offering alongside a full grain leather navy blue joint. Both are expected to release soon, alongside the previously seen grey and brown color-ups.

Quote of the Day

Arguing with a fool proves there are two

The Artist Jet Phynx

He said its not the clothes that make you
but you that should make the clothes.
This is where fashion can be a eclectic canvas for ones self.
Jet Phynx(pronounced Phoenix)
Is much more than your average Pop artist,
being that he is also college educated in Fashion Merchandising as well.
Phynx is stepping out of the "naughty parties" and "Socialite" scene.
him and fellow best friend/artist Justin "the -rOcKsTaR " Clarkson have been captivating the lime light in.
With a keen eye for glam and a undoubtable ear for popular sounds.
Jet is in a sense styling the music world with his High Fashion Pop Music and Fancy Concepts.
Its as if he were dressing it with each line of his chic and witty rap/singing delivery and on point production.
Jet Phynx really takes you on a ride with his rise to fame what he calls a gallery plane.
With metaphors that can make a womans heart melt with a great sense of euphoria.
As well as make grown men wonder what it would be like to walk a day in the shoes of a music/fashion anomaly.
This is "Jet Phynx"

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quote of the Day

Its OK when they say they don't get me.
Fuck hinding the facts I'm different and proud of it.
its OK when someone don't understand your art,passion,vision,
and just your drive to be the best.
Only thing matters that u believe in you and what you stand for.
The Best you just haven't seen it yet.....


Jet Phynx

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Nephew of the Worlds Greatest Drummer Pt.2

Beatles recording controversy
In the 1970s, Purdie made claims that Beatles manager Brian Epstein had, in the 1960s, enlisted him to overdub drum parts on twenty-one of "the first three" Beatles recordings. Purdie has also claimed, as reproduced in Max Weinberg's 1984 book The Big Beat, that "Ringo never played on anything...not the early stuff." This claim has never been substantiated by outside sources, at least in regard to his replacement of Starr drum parts on Beatles records of 1962 through 1964, approximately the time covered by the first three Beatles albums, depending on whether they are British or American releases. Sources, including Starr himself, as well as well documented published sources, have always identified Starr as the drummer on all Beatles records.[3] There are well-documented exceptions when Ringo had been unavailable, as on the April 14, 1969 session for "The Ballad of John and Yoko" where Paul McCartney handles the drumming duties in Starr's absence, or on the one and only time that he had been replaced, by session drummer Andy White for the band's third visit to Abbey Road Studios on September 11, 1962. Purdie's claim is not helped by the fact that whereas Epstein handled business decisions, his musical initiatives were always rebuffed by the band, Epstein therefore was unlikely to interfere with the province of producer George Martin and the Beatles themselves for fear of backlash.[citation needed]
Some[who?] have speculated that Purdie was the drummer hired by Atlantic Records to overdub the drumming of Pete Best on several tracks that the Beatles had recorded circa 1961 for Polydor in Hamburg as back-up band for singer Tony Sheridan. Polydor made these tracks available once the Beatles had achieved fame. Atlantic felt the need to add drumming overdubs on three tracks: "Ain't She Sweet", "Take Out Some Insurance on Me Baby", and "Sweet Georgia Brown". Atlantic also added guitar overdubs to "Take Out Some Insurance" and "Sweet Georgia Brown" and new Sheridan vocals to "Sweet Georgia Brown." In the case of the latter, the guitar was added on top of John Lennon and George Harrison. The reasons for Atlantic overdubbing these instruments have never been explained.

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The Nephew of the Worlds Greatest Drummer Pt.1

What people don't know jet Phynx great uncle is Bernard"Pretty" Purdie.
When Jet was young he would watch hear about this man touring all over the world.
As Jet got older Bernard would be one half of his inspiration to becoming as big as his uncle.
If you don't know who Pretty is check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
was born June 11, 1939 in Elkton, Maryland as the eleventh of fifteen children. Purdie began already as a six-year-old to bang out rhythms on improvised equipment. At 14 years of age he purchased his first real drum set and became the most important provider for the family - earning his pay with country and carnival bands. This "schooling" enabled Purdie to "feel my way into nearly every kind of music, 'cause I had to know all styles and was never afraid to try something new."

Purdie moved to New York in 1960 after finishing high school and played with (among others), Lonnie Youngblood before landing his first hit with King Curtis. This led to his engagement with Aretha Franklin in 1970 - the beginning of an unparalleled career. Since then, Purdie has been a regular guest in the studios of the stars of Jazz, Soul, and Rock, working together with Paul Butterfield as well as Larry Coryell, Miles Davis, Hall & Oates, Al Kooper, Herbie Mann, Todd Rundgren and Cat Stevens, as well as regularly producing his own solo albums under his own name.

Liner Notes from Purdie "Soul To Jazz." 3-96. With Brecker Brothers, ACT Music & Vision GMBH.

Which musician did Aretha Franklin definitely NOT want missing from the line-up when she recorded her most inspired albums at the beginning of the seventies Who provided the back-beat for Steely Dan's "Aja", and for whom have Isaac Hayes, Donny Hathaway, B.B. King, "Sweet" Lou Donaldson, Joe Cocker and Hank Crawford reserved that stool behind the drum kit? The list is incomplete, it must be, because no other drummer in the last three decades has seen the interior of a recording studio as often as Bernard "Pretty" Purdie. The 57 year-old native of Elkton, Maryland has laid down the beat on over 3000 albums to date.

This short list does however, prove an idea of the unique qualities this man possesses. Colleagues describe the drummer's style as the "funkiest soul beat" in the business, and Purdie has decidedly never limited his talents to the realm of jazz but rather has consistently sought out new musical experiences beyond it's borders. He has anchored sessions with the Rolling Stones, James Brown and Tom Jones with equal ease and proven that - with all his attention to precision playing - terms such as "drive" and "GROOVE" are definitely not missing from his vocabulary. This is certainly why his rhythms have appeared as samples on nearly every "Acid Jazz" record released in the past few years - the new genre that has so successfully hosted the renaissance of Soul Jazz. Furthermore because it is a special pleasure to personally harvest the fruits from trees one has planted oneself - Purdie has now gathered together a flock of like-minded souls and created the new album - "Soul To Jazz". It will certainly, so much can be sure, stun those who seek to copy his style - if not completely draw their attention. These 13 songs prove that the pioneer of the hybrid of blend of Jazz, Soul and Funky Tunes is still light years ahead of his imitators.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Dee and Ricky + Marc Jacobs

Turns out it was Dee and Ricky, the charismatic twin designing and dancing duo, whose lego designs were featured--on belts, barrettes and brooches--on Marc Jacob's Spring 2008 runway! Known as "the twins" or "the soho kids" Dee and Ricky are well known for their talent for dancing--they're members of the 3 man dance group, Jackson Swinton and are also 2/3 rds of a set of triplets! Their knack for designing finally got the audience it deserves when, according to one of the twins, they met Jason Preston at a party. Preston was so intrigued with their lego belts, that he introduced the twins to Marc and the rest is history!

I asked the twins about their inspiration and plans for the future. They've just always liked working with legos and the like...surprise, surprise! They're also working with Marc on some projects and are launching their own line of products soon. The belts were sold, limited edition, by Marc Jacobs, but are available online at Kanye West is a huge fan of these guys...get your own and tell em I sent ya! For additional pics and an insightful interview of the twins, check out Nitrolicious here.