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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Artist Jet Phynx

He said its not the clothes that make you
but you that should make the clothes.
This is where fashion can be a eclectic canvas for ones self.
Jet Phynx(pronounced Phoenix)
Is much more than your average Pop artist,
being that he is also college educated in Fashion Merchandising as well.
Phynx is stepping out of the "naughty parties" and "Socialite" scene.
him and fellow best friend/artist Justin "the -rOcKsTaR " Clarkson have been captivating the lime light in.
With a keen eye for glam and a undoubtable ear for popular sounds.
Jet is in a sense styling the music world with his High Fashion Pop Music and Fancy Concepts.
Its as if he were dressing it with each line of his chic and witty rap/singing delivery and on point production.
Jet Phynx really takes you on a ride with his rise to fame what he calls a gallery plane.
With metaphors that can make a womans heart melt with a great sense of euphoria.
As well as make grown men wonder what it would be like to walk a day in the shoes of a music/fashion anomaly.
This is "Jet Phynx"

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