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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jet,RockStar,Brawdway Backstage @Jingle ball

First Class Blogs takes you back stage @ this years Q102's Jingle Ball. We caught up with JetPhynx ,Rock Star and Brawdway to ask them how they felt about the performances and being backstage.

FCB: So Guys what did you think of the show?
Jet: I don't know about y'all but to me it was sexy fierce cool(the whole room laughs) and the energy of the crowd was mad live. The excitement of the fans really made you want be apart of the show.
Rock Star:I really enjoyed the intensity that each individual artist brought to the stage. The Choreography was awesome and the showmanship was excellent.
Bway: The Show was entertaining. I loved the stage.
FCB: So was that your first Jingle Ball?
Rock Star: No, forth time for me.
Jet: first timer over here
Bway: That was my first concert.
FCB: Your first that had to be over whelming?
Bway: You got that right! lol
FCB: What was it like backstage?
Rock Star:Definitely an experience that you can never really just get used to... Well at least for me.
Jet: You took the words right out of my mouth lol.
Rock Star:Mingling with such artist as Katy perry,Ashely Tinsdale,Kevin Rudolph,and Lady GA GA to name a few was lot of fun.
Bway:You dont get to do that everyday.
FCB: Cool, What was Lady Ga Ga like?
Jet: I'll let Brawdway answer that one first!
Bway: Ga Ga was a nomal person suprisingly.I'll let Brawdway answer that one first She Likes my hair!
RockStar: Everyone likes your hair! lol
Jet: Anyway....she was the most humble and down to earth of them all. Her sex appeal was swagglishes. When we was taking a pic she leaned in and told me she really likes the name Jet Phynx. So if Lady GA GA feeling the name you should too..
Rock Star:In one word "REAL". She spoke to me first. No one around just her smile with an extended hand and introduction. and then to see her after her set just watching the show and goofing off re mined me of my real friends. i dig her Ora. She's pretty dope.(He turn and looks at jet and they both laugh,)
FCB: Thanks guys for this exclusive backstage interview. Would you like to say anything else?Rock Star: I cant wait till UPS has a chance to bless the stage with them.
Bway: Look out for two new singles On Top Of the World and Cod Blue
Jet: Same here. Make sure you go buy my new album Animated coming out in February.
Also support this Urban Prep Star Movement.
FCB: I would have to say these guys are very fun and humble themselves. The air surrounding the interview was filled with such an eminent abundance of superstar quality.So thick you could cut it with a knife. We'll just have to keep a close eye on these guys in the next month or two to see how their road to becoming famous inspires others to chase there dreams.
Jet Phynx N Rock Star Sneak Preview BackStage