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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kevin Heart,Ricky, Jet

Posted By Mr.Wright
This day was a good day. Got up with Jet in Philly to go over this new book thats about to get published. While we working we get up with Kev and Ricky to cool dudes. Check them out
Jet Phynx

Jet Phynx Sneaker Endorsement Deal

For the last past month i been working with a sneaker brand call Public Royalty on adds and brand imaging for there new 2010 line. I love their sneaks, i think they're gonna be one of the hottest shoes out next year. I cant talk about everything but i give you a peak of my work.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

kanyes New Video Amazing

Campaigning for COLOR OF LIFE

"I stand behind and throw it up for C.O.L."

Fly Kicks Runner Up: Nylon Nikes

Fly kick of the week:Greedy Genius Ocean Runner



From an unassuming background, Tokyo Hip-hop artist VERBAL could very well be considered the strongest link between a relatively misunderstood Japanese rap scene and that of Hip-Hop globally. Beyond the smooth English rhymes lies another noteworthy aspect of VERBAL as an influential member of the Harajuku fashion community, which comes as no surprise given the strong bond and well-documented relationship between Hip-Hop and style. Born as a third generation Korean in Japan, a career in the music industry was never in the cards for the artist legally known as Young-Kee Yu. However with a series of relationships built in his youth alongside musical-minded individuals such as Lisa and DJ Taku, a path into Japan’s music world was never that far off. This is his story and a talent that will undoubtedly increase in visibility and recognition with each coming project.

Iconic British retailer Selfridges has enjoys a full century of service and commemorate the event with a collaborative capsule over numerous mediums. All based around the Pantone 109 yellow, the capsule includes Joseph Jospeh, Converse, Polo Ralph Lauren, Evisu, Toy Watch, Levi’s, Simon Carter and Fender among others, each lending some of their most well-known products as the design medium of choice. More information regarding the collection can be seen at

Quote of the Day

Sometimes you gotta rock out with your cock out just to stand out--Jet P


Monday, April 13, 2009

Cutting the Dead Weight

I think its time for me to drop some people around me. My life is moving in a new dircetion and its time for me to up grade the relationships I built at this level. Even though im moving on that don't mean im gonna for get about the people that help me get to this level. I just came to realize that they didn't have love for me like I had for them. Face smiles can only last so long. Deep down they didn't want to see me make it or believe in me. They only they seen was how to use my friendships and my brand to expand their relationships around them.
So let it be known im cutting the dead weight. If you see changes from me or my brand remember do take it personal its just business.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quote of the Week

I cant stop thinking about music, I'm either obsessed or terrified of being normal.

Jet Phynx Remixes Just Dance (Phynx Style)

I did a remix to Lady Gaga's number 1 hit "Just Dance".I love her records and the production. That's why i had to remix "Just Dance" mixtape style. Give it a little Phynx flair.I kept the format the same but replaced it with my style of words
Check my Myspace @ the end of the week

Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera by Karen Day

Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera

For those down to their last cartridge of Polaroid Instamatic film after desperately seeking out every package they could find upon hearing the news it was going out of production, well there's hope yet. Unfortunately, it's not the vintage classic, but seeing the error of their ways, Polaroid has come out with a new instant digital camera, the PoGo.
One positive aspect is the new version's compact size, weighing in at 10 ounces and only taking up 4.7 inches x 3 inches of space. While it takes about the same amount of time to print a picture as it did to wait for an image to appear on the old Instamatic film (depending on how long spent shaking it), there's no doubt the quality is going to be better.
Look for the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera beginning in March 2009 for $200.

Kanye West's Complex Cover

Pushing the boundaries once again, this time Kanye West is inspiring the use of advanced imaging technology on the new cover of Complex magazine. The photograph is the result of a facial scan that gathers data from a camera that rotates around the object. A computer then stitched the images together to create an eerily detailed 2D photograph. Chris Milk, videographer and photographer behind the project, talks about the futuristic creation of the Complex photo shoot in an interview with Fast Company.

生命〔生活〕の色: JET PHYNX in Urban Avenue....

生命〔生活〕の色: JET PHYNX in Urban Avenue....
COL Inc. is a company designed to overthrow the masses by using our influence in Brand Imaging. Our Slogan is simple, "CULTURE & LIFE." At COL INC. we want to focus on the ones that are paying their rent with their passions. ...


Fresh off the ups truck, that new Gatorade stainless steel suit case full of dope branded goods.

Hush | Veiled Beauty Exhibition at FIFTY24SF Gallery Recap

UK graphic designer/illustrator Hush opened up his solo show, entitled Veiled Beauty, last night at FIFTY24SF Gallery in San Francisco. The exhibition featured a healthy amount of new paintings inspired by graphic-novels, animation, graphic-design, graffiti art, urban art and contemporary painting. Of course the Manga influence is clearly present with his female characters juxtaposed along mixed media layering techniques including spray paint, paper and screen print. Having already sold out shows in Los Angeles and New York, Hush brings his artistic mastery to the city by the bay for a short period. Veiled Beauty will remain open to the public until the 26th of this month.

Levi’s Fenom Gold Metal Disco Denim

Levi’s Fenom returns with the Gold Metal Disco Denim. All details on the raw denim, including buttons, rivets, disco decoration and zippers come in gold metal. They offer the denim in two cuts - 207 and 505. The Levi’s Fenom Gold Metal Denim is now available at e-levi. We actually prefer this over all the rhinestone application on Levi’s Fenom denim.
Detailed images of the Levi’s Fenom Gold Metal Denim follow after the jump.

Solebox x Rimowa IATA Suitcase

Today we get a closer look at the upcoming Solebox x Rimowa Cabin Trolley IATA suitcase, which seems to be part of the upcoming Solebox x Pro-Keds project. The suitcase comes in early indestructible polycarbonate, which returns to its original shape as soon as the pressure is released. Only 25 of these cases have been produced. More news on the release very soon.
Until then, check out some more detailed images of the Solebox x Rimowa suitcase after the jump

Fly Kick of the Week: Rootage Latte Shoes

Known for their integrations of various styles into a unique type of look, Japanese footwear brand Rootage hit us will another rendition from their innovative kitchen. This latest mastery features highlights of a standard deck shoe along with elements of your standard wallabee and boot silhouettes. Available in three distinct colorways, the Latte is now live via Anout Commune.