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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Beats By Dr.Dre Update:

Beats By Dr.Dre
Okay last week I showed you the big boy head set now check these out.Want to unleash the inner gangster in you? Listen to Dr. Dre beats all day long? Have $150 to spare on earphones? Then this is right up your alley, as Apple has released new Beats headphones which deliver sound so big “you’ll think you’ve got speakers in your ears.”
Apparently, this premium earphone also features the world’s first “tangle-free earphone cable” for you messy types, as well as in-ear noise isolation and a trio of cone tips for the most comfortable fit. There are also high-efficiency drivers and “magnetic technology” play so you can push it to high volume to make your ears bleed more easily.
Oh, and it comes with a protective case, too, just in case you stomp on it or shoot it or something.

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Jermaine said...

shit them joints looks hard to damn i really might have to buy them joints.