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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Beauty In Imperfection

OMAG: Jet what comes to your mind when people say is there beauty in imperfection?
Jet:I feel like people only recognize you for your false and criticise you for honesty.
I been grinding my ass off for the last past 5 years, lost a large amount of friends,jobs,and love relationships. Don't be mad at me because you tell it how you want it to be and I show you how it is.Details are very important in my life just because I'm living my life under the microscope.Every move that i make is judged not only by you but by my own arrogance.
I'm comfortable with my fame. I cant lie and say that i don't want more fans and i want to touch more people with my music. These are my decisions. Like if i want to use Auto Tunes than I'm use auto tunes. not casue kanye,wayne,or pain use it. If i make a song and i feeling thats what it needs,that's what it needs. I'm no singer and i just want to make pop music at the end of the day.
There's beauty in my imperfection and I love it, so get use to it.

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