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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How Do I feel about D.O.A????

D.O.A is Fire I'm Jay Fan, Do i use Auto tune Hell yeah. Will i stop Hello no. I don't use it B.c of a trend. i do it B.c I can!
I Make records people. I been making records way before A.T became pop. I don't need it at all,my track record should speak for its self. my single Club 2 Club is Undeniable!! I make music for myself and my fans not for just hip hop!!!!
I feel HOV though, RAPPERS need to step they game up. They try to be like Wayne to much or Kanye. We in the era of lets do what they do because its hot. Don't get me wrong you can learn from other artist and admire what they do but don't bite they shit. I hear people say to me all the time,I'm like the male lady gaga. lol
I love what she does but I'm not trying to be like her. Shes a singer. I do this half as singing talking rapping shit.Hate me cause im all about fashion? When someone is different the people try to put them in a box with something or someone when they dont understand there art.
Art is subjective. If someone likes A.T that's not stupid,even though someones taste in music has nothing to do with their intelligence. That makes plenty of sense.

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