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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind the scenes of "Notty Party"

Behind the scenes of "NOTTY PARTY"
JET PHYNX Upper echelon socialite theme song. This is what happens when your behind the scenes of the young rich and famous. The life of the elite socialites. The party you heard about but you could only imagine what it is like to be apart of a secret society. Only the flyest kids around knows where the secert location to the party. Once you in your always in. The butter is the high you get from being around people you never thought you would be partying with. The butler brings you that swagger to keep up with night. Without that butter (swagger) you not on the same level......... _______________________________________ Special Thankx to Dead Denim, Newdy Felton, Urban Prep Star, Poindexter, Brian Feeley, Emily Varisco, Jordan DeGannes, Ross Hockrow, Wendall Raulston, Chip, Lenzie Davis, Neil Carr, and female dancers...... Color Of Life

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