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Saturday, February 21, 2009

I heard a Rumor

Last night I was out and about at a club, I heard a rumor that i sold hip hop out for pop!!!
That's new news to me lol. I love hip hop and if i want to do pop music that's OK too.
I make music for my dad in heaven. Come on now i still rap and i do hip hop shows.
The sound changed but the artist is still the same. People come up to me and be like yo
Jet you should make music like Kid Cudi,Wale,Lupe,or Charles H.
Negro please! My name is Jet Phynx do you need me to spell it out J.E.T...Im playing lol.
But on the real i love what i make they have fans and i have my fans.
what would the game be like if e had a whole bunch of copy cats.
Its funny cause i like Kid Cudi and Wale.

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